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Firstly, a link to the Draft Plan is on the right (first button). Beware it has 570 pages!

There are three ways by which you can send a comment on the Draft Local Plan:

  • ·         Online, using the specially designed portal, this will automatically place you comment in a central database to enable them to access the comments on each area with ease. This is relatively simple to use but might be a bit daunting if you are not comfortable with this sort of thing!
  • ·         Download a form designed by the planners and insert your comments on the computer. Then return the completed form as an attachment to the planning office.
  • ·         Download the same form and print it out. You can then fill it in by hand and post or deliver your response.

You will understand that the second and third options require more work for the planning department as all the responses need to be on the system so that they can be compiled by area of concern and so be considered together. The third option requires them to manually enter the comment themselves.


1.       Registration: Click on the second link on the right, you will be taken to the appropriate web page. You need to enter the usual personal information and tick boxes but please note the privacy statement.

2.       Practice session: They require you to practice the process of entering a comment on a particular part of a practice document. Your responses are not viewed by anyone. Click on the third link to the right.

In the centre of the screen is the body of the practice document. To the left is an active index, click on a paragraph section here and the centre screen will display the content for you to scroll, read/review.

On the right of each column is a blue ‘speech bubble’.

Click on either and you will open the comment box. At last, you can make a (practice) comment! Here you should enter a small amount of any text, Save and Close.

3.       You are now ready to enter your comments to the real document. Click on the fourth button on the right.

      Using the index on the left, click on the section of the plan that you wish to comment upon, this will open in the screen centre. Click on the ‘Speech Bubble’, your comment box will open, and you can make your comment. You can move on to make a comment on another area or ‘Submit’ and leave the site.


1.       Download the form: Click on the fifth button to the right and scroll down the page, click on the screen entry to download the form.


2.       Open the form in MSWord and type in your comments in the appropriate boxes. If you wish to make comments on multiple policies, you need to copy and paste Comment Boxes 2A and 2B for each Policy on which you are commenting.

3.       Return the completed form to:


Download the form as a Word document as above, print it and enter your comments by hand.

There are a few copies of the form available in the parish office at the Village Hall. There is also a copy of the plan for you to read but it does have 570 pages!

Return the completed form to:

Local Plan

Planning Policy

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Town Hall

Civic Way

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Kent TN1 1RS