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Reg 15 Submitted Documents

Horsmonden Neighbourhood Plan – Submission Statement       Click

Consultation Statement                                                                      Click

Basic Conditions Statement / Report                                               Click

Habitat Regulations Screening Report                                             Click

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report              Click

Equalities Impact Assessment                                                           Click

Responses to the Reg 14 version of the Neighbourhood Plan undertaken in the Autumn 2021

Consultation Responses to HNP Reg 14 submission                  Click

HNP Reg 14 FAQs                                                                               Click

TWBC response to Reg 14 with comments                                    Click

KCC response to Reg 14                                                                    Click

Persimmon (Bassetts Farm development) response Reg 14      Click

Rosconn (Brenchley Road development) response to Reg 14     Click